Leyonhjelm stripping Coalition’s base on budget and super

Leyonhjelm stripping Coalition’s base on budget and super

Leyonhjelm stripping Coalition’s base on budget and super

The Liberal Democrats have increased advertising exposing the major parties’ budget lies, despite hypocritical complaints from the Coalition, and are opening a new front on the Coalition by attacking their backflip on superannuation taxes.

As a result, the steady flow of defections of donors and members from the Coalition to the Liberal Democrats has increased to a flood.

“In a clear echo of Gillard’s promise of “no carbon tax under a government I lead”, the Coalition promised no new taxes on superannuation under this government. They broke this promise in the Budget, and betrayed their base in the process,” said Senator Leyonhjelm.

“We will be running ads to point out the Coalition’s super lies, and to call on disappointed Coalition supporters to vote for the Liberal Democrats before the Coalition in the Senate.”

The Liberal Democrats have also ordered ramped-up spending on their ad outlining the major parties’ budget lies.  The ad has ruffled the Liberals, whose federal director, Tony Nutt, has complained about its use of parliamentary footage.  The Liberal Democrats have hit back, pointing out numerous Liberal ads that use parliamentary footage — ads that the Liberals unsuccessfully tried to hide by geoblocking their own YouTube channel.

“Tony Nutt’s complaint is rank hypocrisy.  He’s scared about the potency of the Liberal Democrats’ campaign pointing out how the Coalition has betrayed its own base.  He’ll attempt to close us down to hide this betrayal.”

As a result of Tony Nutt’s complaint, the Liberal Democrats are now receiving a wave of donations thanks to their ‘Nutt has no balls’ campaign.

“The Liberal Democrats won’t be backing down.  Over the next six weeks we will continue to point out the Coalition’s addiction to spending, taxing, debt and deficit.”