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A nice way to end Q&A

Senator Leyonhjelm explains that there is no difference between the major Australian parties anymore. If people are looking for change, Read More

ABC Radio Brisbane: Foreign Donations & Internments for Terrorists

Senator Leyonhjelm discusses the perceived influence of Chinese donations on the major Australian political parties and why he is against Read More

Q&A Recap

Senator Leyonhjelm expands on issues discussed on Monday night’s Q&A, including the NDIS, renewable energy, terrorism and immigration. Read More

Terrorists are dickheads

In this video, Christian Porter tries to shift blame onto internet service providers for the actions of terrorists. This is Read More

Q&A: Dismissed as an ‘old male’ with a perspective on climate change

Senator Leyonhjelm has a different argument on climate change and is dismissed as an old male. His argument was that Read More

Senate obstruction not to blame for lurking ‘zombie’ measures

The Turnbull Government has abandoned Abbott-era policies to cut government spending on welfare, health and education. These were the so-called Read More