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The future of the Liberal Democrats in WA

Senator Leyonhjelm sits down for an interview to discuss the future of the Liberal Democrats in WA, what he hopes Read More

Welfare for foreign citizens and the 2017 budget

Senator Leyonhjelm speaks with Samantha Maiden about the 2017 budget and the amount of welfare being paid to non-citizens. Read More

The right to shoot

Senator Leyonhjelm chaired a panel at the Australian Libertarian Society’s 5th Annual Friedman Conference, where he spoke about the inalienable Read More

Budget 2017-18: An Apology to Taxpayers

It is time to acknowledge the mistreatment of Australia’s taxpayers, amongst the longest suffering peoples on this land. Read More

Budget 2017-18: This is about keeping the LNP in office Read More

The major parties are increasing fees and fines to raise money Read More