Speeches in parliament

Senator Leyonhjelm’s speech on Australia’s new online copyright regime

The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill is bad law; it protects rights-holders at everyone else’s expense, likely will not achieve its aims, and undermines freedom of speech. And that’s just for starters.

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Senator Leyonhjelm’s blistering speech on the Pharmacy Guild and corporate welfare

Did you know that even if you are a fully qualified pharmacist, you have to write a letter to the Health Minister to open a pharmacy, and that other pharmacists who already own business in the area get to decide

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Leyonhjelm on national security legislation

Senator Leyonhjelm on national security legislation: “When considering these disclosure offences, we should remember that keeping secrets is ASIO’s job. It is not the job of everyday Australians. It is most definitely not the job of media organisations. We must

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