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On the government’s changes to the 457 visa

Senator Leyonhjelm is delighted to see the Government take on elements of Liberal Democrats policy and raise the bar on Read More

The slow creep of Australia’s Big Government

Senator Leyonhjelm discusses how the Federal Government keeps delving into State Government issues, despite the political costs. Read More

On Trump’s corporate tax cuts

Senator Leyonhjelm discusses President Trump’s plan to reduce the corporate tax rate and the implications this will have for Australia. Read More

On the Government’s possible loan to Adani

Senator Leyonhjelm discusses the possible $1bn loan to Adani. Read More

On the Federal Government’s attempts to control housing prices

Senator Leyonhjelm heard a lot about Australian housing affordability while in Washington. Apparently the federal government think they can fix Read More

The Government wants to ban sports betting ads

Advertising is a free speech issue, as it is a form of communication according to Senator Leyonhjelm. Sports betting is Read More